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Banner What is AR/VR



Banner What is AR/VR

Banner Augmented Reality
 Augmented Reality requires a mobile device with a camera. Some sites will include a VR mode for use with a VR headset.


Quiver uses coloring pages as triggers to start the AR experience. There are many educational images available.

Merge Cube

Explore the world in a whole new way by holding holograms of the solar system, human body and hundreds of other objects in your hand.

AR Apps for Mobile Devices

Below is a collection of AR Apps that you can use with your students to increase engagement. For more information about iPads and Apps, please visit the InTech iPad Website.

Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

Banner Virtual Reality Virtual Reality requires the use of both VR headsets and mobile phones. Many of these Virtual Reality sites are still engaging without using VR headsets.


Nearpod partnered with 360 cities to create virtual reality field trips.

Google Expeditions

This immersive education app allows students and teachers to explore the world though more than 1,000 virtual tours.

Sites in VR

The Sites in VR app takes users to famous landmarks all over the world. Banner Information and Ideas

Virtual Field Trips and 360 Images

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