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Microsoft 365 FAQ for Parents

These directions will answer frequently asked questions about student access to Microsoft 365 from home.
Click here for a printable PDF version of the Microsoft 365 FAQs for Parents.

  • Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of Microsoft applications which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and other Microsoft applications.
  • Microsoft 365 often refers to the cloud-based version of the Microsoft Suite. This means you can work online within a web-based version of an application.
  • In addition to the cloud-based Microsoft 365, you can download the Microsoft desktop applications to PC or Mac computers.
  • Microsoft 365 often refers to the cloud-based version of the Microsoft Suite. This means you can work online within a web-based version of an application.
  • Students can log in to Microsoft 365 via the webpage → Menu → Parents & Students Tab → Sign In Tab → Office 365. They can also use their username to log in to Microsoft apps on a mobile device by selecting sign in.
  • Note: Directions for accessing Microsoft 365 on a computer can be found here. A video tutorial can be found here.

  • Students need their Microsoft 365 username to log in. If the username is not known, it can be found in StudentVUE and ParentVUE in the Account Login Information Tab.
  • Note: Directions for locating usernames via ParentVUE can be found here. A video tutorial can be found here. Directions for locating usernames via StudentVUE can be found here. A video tutorial can be found here.
  • Usernames are formatted and passwords are the same password students use to log in to a computer at school.
  • Note: If your child has the same name as another student within the district, his or her username will include numbers after the last name.

  • All Cobb students are given access to their Microsoft 365 account-unless parents opt them out of the services.

    Note: Student permissions can be viewed or changed via ParentVUE. Directions can be found here. A video tutorial can be found here.
  • The Instructional Technology Department maintains this support page with links to commonly used resources.
  • Microsoft maintains this support page for Microsoft 365.
  • If your computer allows for multiple user profiles, it is recommended to set up a user profile for each child. You can bookmark or create shortcuts for frequently used apps and use remember password functions. This will allow each child to log on to a shared computer using an individual user profile, which creates easy access to his or her individual apps and avoids issues with conflicting credentials from additional users.
  • Alternately, each child can log out and the browser cache can be cleared upon completion of a work session to help reduce login issues.
  • Multiple children can use the same device by opening individual private windows in a a web browser. For private browsing windows in Google Chrome, use Incognito mode. For private browsing windows in Microsoft Edge, use InPrivate browsing. Student login information is not saved or cached by the computer as no history is saved by the browser. This allows access to each student’s account avoiding those of other children or users in the household.
  • The online version of Microsoft 365, which autosaves documents in the cloud, works on most computers. The few exceptions are older model computers and devices that can no longer be updated.
  • Students with Chromebooks often use the online version of Microsoft. However, you can now download Microsoft onto a Chromebook with the following directions.
  • Downloading the Microsoft Suite on PC or Mac computers allows students to work in the applications instead of on the Internet. The desktop applications offer additional features not available online. Each Cobb County School District student can download the Microsoft Suite on up to five computers.
  • Note: You can use these directions to download the Microsoft 365 Suite: PC or Mac.

  • Microsoft 365 works in all updated browsers. All software has occasional browser issues. If problems occur with one browser, students should try another browser to see if the problem is resolved. If problems persist, students or parents should contact the teacher for assistance.
  • Devices with Internet access, a camera, and a microphone will be beneficial for students.
  • Students can be successful by using PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, iPads, tablets, or smartphones. However, each type of device may work a little differently. For example, Chromebooks cannot download software. Smartphones and some tablets have smaller screens.
    • Cameras and microphones are useful for some apps or features your child may use. For example, a microphone is required if your child uses the Dictate feature and a camera is required to participate with video in a Teams video call. Cameras and microphones can be used in multiple ways with Microsoft 365.
  • Many Cobb County School District applications are supported by Microsoft and the Microsoft 365 login. For directions on using your Microsoft 365 username to access Clever, click here. For directions on using your Microsoft 365 username to access Cobb Digital Library (MackinVIA app), click here.
  • Teachers who assign tasks in other platforms will provide student usernames and passwords. These may or may not be the child’s Microsoft 365 username.
  • FERPA laws prevent parents from having their own access to Teams. However, when possible, parents are encouraged to work alongside their children to view Teams assignments, resources, and teacher-to-class communication. Parents are also encouraged to email teachers with any course-related questions.
  • Once logged in, your child will see the Teams app on the Microsoft 365 Dashboard. If they do not see the Teams App, they can select All Apps and choose Teams.

  • Note: A video tutorial on how to open Teams within Microsoft 365 is found here.

    Microsoft 365 Apps
  • For more information about Teams, click here.
  • We encourage you to sit with your child as he or she uses Microsoft 365 Apps and offer guidance as needed. You can share tips that you have learned when using Microsoft applications. We also encourage you to supervise your child’s online activities to ensure on-task behavior and prevent navigation away from school provided apps to sites which may not be age appropriate. Proficiency in Microsoft Apps is a sought-after, future-ready work skill, and by working alongside your child as they use Microsoft 365 Apps, you are helping your child develop applicable lifelong skills.
Email is the best way to communicate with your child’s teacher. Teacher email addresses can be found on your child’s school website. Teachers will respond within 24 hours and have access to technical and instructional support personnel who can help answer questions.

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