Cobb County School District Strategic Plan


Profile of a Cobb County Graduate

We are one team, with one goal: student success. As a school district of excellence where all students succeed, everything we do is centered around what Cobb students should know and should be able to do when they graduate.

Good to Know

Cobb County School District Strategic Plan was created on 10/01/2019.

Cobb County Graduate

The Cobb County community believes every student should have opportunities to possess specific competencies which lead to graduates who are scholars, leaders, and citizens.


Scholars Can Demonstrate:

  • Math and science content knowledge
  • Language arts and social studies knowledge
  • Personal finance knowledge


Leaders Possess:

  • Communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Self-direction and personal responsibility


Citizens Possess:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Community awareness


We provide a world-class educational experience, from early childhood through high school, that meets the diverse learning needs of all students in our county.

Culture of Care

We believe children are people before they are students. Students are best able to learn if they are socially, emotionally, and physically healthy.


We believe there are two positions in our district: teachers and those who support teachers. We believe in recruiting, developing, and retaining the best team for students by hiring adults who possess a diversity of thought, skills, and experience.


Before students can learn and teachers can teach, they must be safe. Student safety has always been our #1 priority and always will be.


We know educating the next generation can only be accomplished as a community and are proud that our schools are one reason why Cobb County is one of the best places to live, learn, work, and play in the country.


We know supporting students who both know and can do demands we provide innovative tools which support teaching, leading, and learning.


We believe families who are informed about their student's learning leads to a community which is engaged. Students are successful when supported by high-quality teachers and an engaged community.


We believe sustainable financial decisions which put as much money as close to the classroom as possible lead to the best decisions and resources for students.