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Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax III


Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax III

SPLOST III Annual Report - 2011

SPLOST III Annual Report - 2010

SPLOST III Program Plan
(adopted 9/16/2010)

SPLOST III Project Updates

SPLOST III Cash Flow Report
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S.P.L.O.S.T. III at a Glance

The Cobb County and Marietta school districts held a referendum on Sept. 16, 2008 for an extension of the current Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or SPLOST. The referendum was passed.

   Facility Improvements  
      Maintenance / Renovation $225,758,136
      Additions / Modifications $213,164,186
      New / Replacement Facilities $101,654,872
   Safety and Support $132,309,481
   Curriculum / Instruction / Technology $109,770,000
   Land $  15,000,000

New and Replacement Facilities

  • Constructing a total of 223 new classrooms with a net increase of 85 at the elementary school level and an increase of 40 classrooms at the high school level.
  • Replacing three of the oldest elementary schools: Eastside, Mableton and an undetermined school in Smyrna. The proposal also will add a new ninth grade center in the West Cobb area, as well as ninth grade center additions at North Cobb and South Cobb high schools

Additions / Modifications

  • Adding to existing facilities a total of 179 classrooms with a net total increase of 143 (34 at the elementary school level, 42 at the middle school level, and 67 at the high school level).
  • Providing an additional $14,588,963 for “Undesignated Classrooms” to include the construction of and/or purchasing of classroom space, including portable classrooms, and for the enhancement of existing portables.
  • Constructing major additions/modifications/renovations at the following locations: North Cobb, South Cobb, Campbell, Sprayberry, and Pope high schools; Garrett, Hightower Trail, McCleskey, Pine Mountain, and Simpson middle schools; Bells Ferry, Sope Creek, Cheatham Hill, and Nickajack elementary schools.

Maintenance / Renovation

  • Maintenance projects including parking lot repaving, additional parking spaces, drainage enhancements, fencing repairs, landscaping, playground equipment, tennis courts and track resurfacing, reflooring, painting, HVAC, plumbing, fire suppression for all locations and various electrical upgrades (fire alarm systems, emergency generators, sports lighting, etc).


  • Continuing to maintain the existing technology infrastructure, as well as upgrading servers, switches, data center, phone systems and adding capacity for centralized video distribution.
  • Providing computing devices, printers, and copiers for classrooms and schools, sound systems in the fine arts programs, and graphing calculators for math classes.

Safety and Support

  • Continuing to improve school safety by adding access controls, surveillance cameras, security fencing, signage, and traffic controls.
  • Providing support functions, including buses, vehicles, equipment, school-level equipment for growth and replacement, renovations for Accessibility for Disabled, student information system, human resources / payroll system and textbooks for students.